I am a Wedding Celebrant, not a Registrar so I can’t marry you legally. Once your marriage has been legally registered your beautiful, symbolic wedding ceremony can take place in the location of your choice and can include your promises, exchange of rings, music, readings and unity ceremonies. It can be relaxed, formal,'s totally up to you!

UK: The legal part of the marriage can be short and simple in the UK. It has to take place at a Registry Office or Approved Venue and must take place in front of two witnesses and a Registrar. Check with your local Registrar to see when they are available and for further information.

The three steps that make up a Civil Marriage/Civil Partnership are:

1. Declaration words

I do solemnly declare that I know not of any lawful impediment why I (your name) may not be joined in matrimony to (partner’s name)

2. Contracting words

I call up these persons here present to witness that I (your name) do take thee (partner’s name) to be my lawful wedded wife (or husband)

3. A marriage certificate to be issued

The signing of the marriage register and the issuing of the marriage certificate

Portugal: You can marry legally in Portugal, but most couples choose to get married in the UK first, as it is so much easier. If however, you do plan on having the legal part of your marriage in Portugal, then your wedding planner should be able to orgainse all of the paperwork, Registrar and translation for you. Most people do need help with this, so it’s good to plan ahead!

If you are combining the legal part of your marriage with a symbolic wedding ceremony on the same day, then I will happily make an introduction and explain briefly to your guests how the whole ceremony will fit together with myself, the Registrar and translator.

Other Countries: You will need to speak to your local Registrar, to see what is required.

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