Unity Ceremonies

Why not add a beautiful unity ceremony to your symbolic wedding ceremony, vow renewal or naming ceremony. There are lovely heartfelt words that can be read to accompany the ceremony and you can buy different sets and candles online, just bear in mind the wind for outdoor ceremonies!


Warming of the Rings: Your rings are passed, during the ceremony, to each individual member of your family and friends. They  warm them with their love for you both, then you exchange rings...everyone can enjoy taking part.

The Rose Ceremony: The rose is considered a symbol of love, so it is the perfect first gift to give to each during the ceremony and then again on future anniversaries...very romantic.

Hand Ceremony: The simple act of holding hands, looking into each others eyes and declaring your love and friendship, is a very powerful show of the unity of your marriage...simple, elegant and very meaningful.

The Rock Ceremony: Each family member or friend takes a small pebble, crystal or shell and warms it with their loving thoughts  and good wishes. They are then placed in a jar to be taken home to keep forever...a perfect reminder of the day.

Unity Bowl: This ceremony can include all generations of the family and is a lovely keepsake of the day. A bowl is filled with marbles from everyone, each having a different coloured marble, to show that they have added different colours to your life. The marbles are then mixed together...wonderful for including children.

Sand Ceremony: This ceremony can involve just the bride and groom or other family members as well. Coloured sand or sand from the beach can  be added together into one main container, symbolising the mixing of the families, now unable to be parted...great for beach ceremonies.

The Sharing of Wine: Sharing a glass of wine together from two separate vessels poured into one, a coming together as one for your future together. Pouring wine into one glass and then both sharing the glass is another variation on the ceremony...a wonderful ceremony if you both share a passion for wine!

Love Letter Box: The bride and groom write a private letter to each before the ceremony, telling each other why they have chosen to marry each other and the love they feel for each other on their wedding day. During the ceremony they put the letters into a box together, the idea is that they can open the letters on any of their future anniversaries, to read the letters again. It can also be a beautiful idea, when times are not as good as you would like them to be, to open them and read them to reaffirm your feelings of love for each other....perfect if you want a reminder of how you felt on the day.

Unity Candle: Two candles are lit to represent the couple, then a central candle is lit to represent the couple as one..lovely for indoor ceremonies.

The Hand Fasting Ceremony with Padriac, Beth and their lovely dads!
The Sand Ceremony & Wine Ceremony ready for Sam & Mel
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