Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

Ideally, your ceremony should be a reflection of your personalities, love and dreams for your future together. You can choose whatever you want to have within it and the structure is totally flexible.

Many couples like the idea of having a ceremony that has a traditional, modern romantic feel…but it can quirky if you prefer, I will help you to find the right words to say ‘I do’ whatever your style!

An idea of how a traditional ceremony might flow…..


The Arrival: This is the part of the ceremony when traditionally the bride arrives on the arm of a family member or friend, who is representing both sides of the family. Some couples prefer a more casual beginning to the ceremony, by standing together at the front, or another option is for the groom to walk down the aisle to collect the bride and bring her to the front himself. 

The Giving Away: I will ask the question of who is ‘giving away’ the bride, it can be a relative or friend, for example:

 'Who gives this woman to be married to this man?’

'I do’.

The Welcome: I can welcome and thank, on your behalf, your loved ones for being with you on your special day. I can also talk about why you have decided to declare your love and commitment to each other, in front of your family and friends. 

Your Love Story: Maybe not everyone will know about your love story so far, how you met, when you fell in love, how you feel about each other and your aspirations for your future. This part can be romantic, honest and humorous!

Poems and Readings: One or two readings can really add uniqueness to your ceremony. Readings also allow members of the family, from both sides, to be a part of your ceremony. If however, you don’t have anyone who wants to read one, then I will happily do it, I can also offer suggestions.

The Asking: This is the part in the ceremony where I ask you to make your commitment to each from your hearts, for example:

'_________and ________will now, before you, make their loving promises to each other, the promises they  make to each other today, will show the world that they have found true love and fulfilment in each other’s company. The special love between them knows no bounds, as they offer to each other the security that comes from promises, made from their hearts.’

Your Promises/Vows: This is the time to say your promises/vows to each other. You can write your own or I can write them for you, based on what you have told me about yourselves. It’s a completely personal decision. Your promises can also be spontaneous and spoken from the heart on the day. 

Traditionally couples will reply with ‘I do’ or ‘I will’ when asked to make a promise/vow, or you can repeat after me if you prefer, for example:

‘Do you promise to treasure all of your days with ______and with every beat of your heart, do you promise to love and nourish _______with your gentleness always, as you do today?’

'I do’

'Will you promise to love ________and be faithful always, will you bring a ray of sunshine into_______world every day and will you be his/her greatest love,  as you grow old together?’

‘I will’

A Unity Ceremony: A unity ceremony can be added to any part of your ceremony, there are lots of lovely ones to choose from, with beautiful words to accompany them. The ‘warming of your rings’ or a simple ‘hand ceremony’ are two of my favourites, you will find more on my ‘Unity Ceremonies’ page.

Exchange of Rings: Rings can be given by either one or both of you and I will usually ask you to repeat words of love and commitment after me, for example:

‘I give you this ring, as a symbol of my everlasting love for you and as a reminder of the promises that I have made from my heart, I will love you forever.’

‘I give you this ring, as a lasting reminder, of my love and commitment to you today and always.’

Commemorative CertificateI offer couples the option of signing a commemorative certificate. It can be signed by you and your witnesses and is a special keepsake of the day. 

Final closure and First Kiss!: I will present you as husband and wife and the moment everyone has been waiting for…you have your first kiss!

Music: Music, live or recorded, is always a great addition to your ceremony and the tracks you choose can be very personal to you both. You can add music at any time, at the beginning and end of the ceremony and also at the signing of the certificate or a unity ceremony. I can also offer suggestions. 

Vow Renewal Ceremony

Vow renewals are a very personal and loving celebration for a couple who have been married for some time and want to reaffirm their love and commitment to each other. It can be just the two of you, standing and telling each other what you mean to each other, or it can be with family and friends to celebrate your continued love for each other, witnessed by your nearest and dearest.

You can choose your location, in your garden, on the beach at your favourite restaurant, or anywhere that has a special meaning to you both.


Perhaps you have helped each other through illness or difficult times, or you had a simple Registry Office wedding the first time and want a ceremony that is more special. It is always the right time to tell your partner that they are still the most special person in your life, that they will always be your soul mate whatever happens. 

Naming Ceremony

A beautiful naming ceremony is the perfect opportunity to share, in front of your family and friends, your promises to your child or children. To let them and everyone know that you will be as good a parent as you can be, on their special day and into their future. It is also the perfect time for siblings, friends or family to confirm their special relationship with your child.

Having a naming ceremony allows you to choose the perfect words and location for what should be a truly special and memorable occasion. You can also include a 'unity ceremony' and sign a commemorative certificate, making it a day that will be remembered by everyone in years to come.

A reading or poem can be read again.

A reading or poem can be read again.

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